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Blog plug in for OR Hosted Website

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Terrance T
Registered: 4/3/19
Blog plug in for OR Hosted Website

Hey Everyone,

I am now starting to dig into the website aspect of things. For now I decided to go with an OR hosted website, but I see that blogs are currently not a feature that is offered through ownerrez. Does anyone have a particular plug-in that they use to bridge this gap with an OR hosted website that they can share?

Thanks in advance

Registered: 9/3/19
Re: Blog plug in for OR Hosted Website

I am new to hosted websites as well and wanted a blog. I did some research and found dropinblog.com. I personally think it is quite expensive but they give you a $100.00 credit which makes it not too bad (a bit over 10.00 per month)

It was pretty easy to setup... in OR you basically create a custom page... go to the page and enter HTML mode by clicking on the < >, paste the two pieces of code that they give to you... save

Then go to dropinblog.com and update the posts you want to have and pictures and the like. They even help you get the SEO optimized on the posts.

Like I said, I think it is a bit expensive but it does provide blog functionality with authors, categories, supports images and video, etc...

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