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Anyone else frustrated with the recent Security Measures on Booking.com?

Patricia Knight
Feb 21, 2023 4:29 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 8 posts

Anyone else frustrated with the recent Security Measures on Booking.com and the inability to send Rental Agreement links via proxy email or their messaging platform?

The end of last month, Booking.com implemented new "Security Measures" which has caused a host of issues and frustrations. 

I used to use the Booking.com templates to let guests know that I would be sending them an email (going to the proxy email address provided by Booking) with a link to the Rental Agreement. I would then have automatic messages triggered to go out from OR with the link to the rental agreement. This message used to appear in the Booking.com messaging thread and guests were able to click on the rental agreement and completed it (also giving me their actual email address too)

With the new security measures, nothing is going through from OR and I can not even manually share url's in the Booking.com messaging thread nor can I ask guests for their email address because Booking.com is blocking everything.  My guests are getting very frustrated as I am.  

I have contacted OR about this and there is nothing they can do, believe me they tried. I have also contacted Booking.com multiple times.

So my question is, is anyone else having issues getting guests to complete the rental agreement? Or if you have found a work around, would you mind sharing that process?