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Is Trip Advisor Worth it at this time?

Kacey, Amalea, Brooklyn & Daniel G
Oct 31, 2023 11:19 AM
Joined Jun, 2023 1 post

We have 1, soon to be 2 large rentals in TX. We have Airbnb, VRBO and our own direct booking website (and recently added booking.com). With there not being a OR integration with TA, is it even worth listing there? Pricelabs doesn't have direct integration with them, so it doesn't even look like we can utilize our dynamic pricing - can just set our weeknight and weekend rate and then everything would have to be managed separately - hopefully there is at least an ical integration. 

I haven't heard of anyone booking a vacation rental thru TA, but didn't want to rule it out if other have found it to generate stays. 

Thank you,