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What we've been up to in the first quarter of 2012

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Good morning everyone!  Having received a few "what's going on?" emails in the past few weeks, I wanted to throw up a quick post about what the OwnerRez team has been up to in the first quarter 2012.

The dev team has been working hard to overhaul the payment settings area (now called payment methods) so that there is a great deal more flexibility.  We're going to be supporting PayPal, Google Wallet and payment by check so we needed to take the time to rebuild some things to handle those changes.  For instance, if you want to accept credit cards, PayPal or checks on some of your properties but not all, there needs to be a way to easily customize that.

We overhauled the quote acceptance and payment forms because of the changes to the payment settings and because of some underlying performance issues we wanted to correct.  Later this year, owners will be able to add header info about their property and images and links so that the guest has more of a visual cue about the property.  These sorts of images and links will be added to inquiry and quote emails as well.

There have been numerous other minor changes and enhancements as well, some of which were related to the above changes and some that were requested by users.

Sorry for the quietness over the past few months (it's been aggravating for us too!), but the changes we've been working on couldn't be released in piecemeal.

We'll have a release out, and a lot of blog posts talking about it, in the next few weeks.