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What do you worry most about with your vacation rentals?

As most of you know, managing vacation rentals creates a lot of anxiety. COVID has impacted the industry greatly, but now that locations are starting to open back up, business is beginning to flourish. Even before the pandemic, vacation rentals were stressful enough. What are the things you worry about the most with your vacation rental business?

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3 Comments (add yours)

Jun 9, 20
1:04 pm
Salty Snow Prope says:

Better ways to market independently.

Jun 10, 20
4:10 pm
Folly Beach Days says:

Agree with better marketing!

Jun 18, 20
11:28 am
Donna L says:

COVID-19 has caused a huge downturn in rental revenue but 1 bad guest can create expenses that are totally unexpected.

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