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User Profile: Villas in Jamaica

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From time to time, we showcase OwnerRez users that show exemplary work. Not only does operating a vacation rental business take a lot of time, but also a huge amount of effort. This week we spoke with Fred from Villas in Jamaica. Fred's website and operation can be found at villasinjamaica.comBelow are the questions we asked and his responses.

Can you tell us a little bit about your history?

Fred: We've been in the Vacation Rental business for over 30 years...Our core business was retail travel agency, tour operator and hotel & villa representation / non traditional properties in Jamaica.

What is your background?

Fred: In a past life I was a musician and built guitars for years. I also have a background in Real Estate sales & management. I have been in this business for 30 years, and have done a ton of researched for years. From the top to the bottom, OwnerRez is hands down is the best software out there. It can handle all the strange curve balls that other systems simply don't have the tools for. Our website is from OneRooftop, but we don't use the booking engine, we use OwnerRez because it works so much better. Other booking engines can't do the arbitrary things that OwnerRez can! They try to cram their hotel model into the vacation rental environment, which leaves something to be desired.

What is drew you to Jamaica?

Fred: Back in the day Reggae Music and Jamaican culture. We represent properties exclusively in Jamaica where I also own a home. Jamaica is unique in the vacation rental business because all the properties are all fully staffed. You get to connect with the staff so you have a better understand of the area and a unique experience. We handle 300+ homes and they're all fully staffed as a standard!

What do you love most about the VR business?

Fred: Gives me an opportunity to make available the experience of staying in a private home instead of traditional hotels. Great for families, special event, birthday and weddings. Once stay at a vacation rental once or twice, you'll be doing it in the future. Vacation rentals off much more privacy vs in a hotel, which is a huge plus for a lot of people trying to get away.

What do you dislike the most about it?

Fred: The ever changing marketplace. Also the fact that very large businesses in the travel industry come in and try to merge into the vacation rental space. They don't do a great job and misrepresent the industry.

How do you use OwnerRez to manage your business?

Fred: We have been using the Ownerez booking engine for decades...After endless research they are the best! We aren't even using OwnerRez to the fullest extent. 

What is the most useful feature that OwnerRez offers?

Fred: Flexibility on how rate data is used - no close second. OwnerRez has a product that can handle all different rate values and situations. The system can accommodate my rates and display them how I want, I don't have to adjust to the system. For that reason OwnerRez is the best! 


Thanks, Fred! We wish Villas in Jamaica much success as they continue to manage their business and thrive in the vacation rental industry!