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Integration with ASCENT

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We are pleased to announce we have partnered with ASCENT to provide payment processing for vacation rentals.

About Ascent:

ASCENT provides payment regulation expertise, modern and innovative technology programs, customized chargeback and support services for the top reservation software providers and the leading property managers in the alternative lodging space. ASCENT was the first processor in the industry, more than 20 years ago, to integrate gateway/processing within reservation software and to develop security measures specifically for Vacation Rentals. ASCENT remains independently owned and focused on providing customized programs property managers need to grow and protect their clients’ businesses.

ASCENT sets you up as the Merchant of Record (MOR), so a property manager’s funds are FDIC ensured every step of the way, from the guest’s card to the merchant’s bank account. Being MOR gives the most freedom to property managers to set their own policies and practices. This process may require additional documentation, but once a completed application is received, typically an account can be set up within 14 business days. 

ASCENT is dedicated to saving their clients’ money, which they do in many ways, including offering interchange pass thru pricing. They have always utilized this pricing program because it is the most transparent model for merchants to know exactly what they are paying for each card type, along with the service fees, dues, and assessments that are passed along by the banks. 

Independent sources agree that this pricing program allows merchants to achieve optimal interchange rates, better than other pricing programs like flat rate or tiered. US-based companies get a free competitive analysis at 888-721-9301 info@ascentprocessing.com  www.ascentprocessing.com, or OwnerRez clients click here.