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Happy New Year! Great Things Planned For 2010

Happy New Years to all our beta users!  (And anyone else passing by.)

Excitement is in the air.  Over the past few months, we've been getting OwnerRez into a position where we can work on and release several of the new features that our beta users have asked for.  Up until now, we've been working on nuances in the core quote and booking engine, tightening up the workflow and doing loads of testing.  Those items have been fully hammered down, and now we're on to the new stuff.

Our list of new features and enhancements is quite large, over 150, and our beta users have provided a few more on top of that.

As the new year emerges, we're working hard on the list.  Here are some of the top features in the queue right now:

  • Third-party calendar integration
  • New calendar views and filters including a master overlay for the bookings area
  • More payment options including only taking cash and checks or processing credit cards offline
  • Seasonal rates, discounts and more configuration options for the rate engine
  • Integration with accounting software including QuickBooks Online

New features for a new year!

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