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Charge types now have prorated amounts for extra nights

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Before our recent rate engine update was rolled out, a common problem that users complained about was the inability to control what happened to extra nights on a quote.

Say a guest asks for a 4-day weekend, but your standard weekend package is only 3 days.  OwnerRez would put the 3-day weekend on the quote and then add another regular night at the full 'single night' rate.  But most owners would want that 4th night to be at some slightly lower rate - a prorated amount for the weekend.  Those owners had to manually edit the quote to fix that 4th night.

Now you can specify directly on the charge type exactly how much you want to charge.  For charge types Weekend, Week or Custom, you'll notice a new section titled "Extra Nights" with a single checkbox.

Extra night selected

Leaving the checkbox selected keeps the functionality the same as it's always been: it will use other charge types to add regular night rates on.  If you want to specify a specific charge, uncheck the box, and you'll see a text box appear in which you can enter the amount.

Extra night unselected

On the quote, the text of all extra nights has been changed slightly to draw attention to the fact that the charge is a prorated part of a weekend, week or custom charge.

Extra night text on quotes

While it's simple to edit quotes in OwnerRez, it has always been one our highest goals that owners should never have to manually edit anything.  We want owners to be able to create rules one time that will produce quotes exactly right, based on a wide variety of factors, every time thereafter.  Special holidays, discounts, add-ons - doesn't matter.  Eventually, you should be able to program in your booking model and never have to manually edit quotes again.  We know that's a lofty goal, but we continue to get closer and closer.