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Charge line items now use specific Tax references

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In preparation of several upcoming updates, we've changed the booking and quote charge line items to use specific Tax references for all tax lines.

While you can still enter a manual description and rate for any tax line, the Type drop-down now expects a specific tax to be referenced.

When a tax type is selected, the description and rate are automatically filled in for you, but you can change or tweak those values after the fact.

To change the taxes that show in the Type drop-down, simply update your global Tax settings.  If you're wondering why a particular tax isn't showing in the drop-down, make sure the tax is used on the same property as the booking or quote you're looking at.

Why did we make this change?

Previously, tax line items were the same as any other charge line item which made tax reporting difficult.  The tax report currently creates columns based on description you've used in charges.  The problem is that descriptions can vary greatly.  You might have entered "State Tax" on one booking but put "Sales Tax" on another - both being the same thing in your mind.  But the tax reports sees this as two different things since the words are different.  With this change, tax reporting can be exact even if charge descriptions vary.

We also getting ready to release QuickBooks integration that requires tax line items to be specific to the type of Tax reference.  This update smooths the way for that release.