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Booking.com Security Holds, Airbnb Webinar, High Demand Beachside, Maui Rebound, Rent Your Pool

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Good news, it's Friday!

This week we released 37 updates with some exciting new features! Take a look at the product update to read all the details. 

Typically if you use Booking.com, they handle all payments by guests, including the security deposit. We looked into this a bit more, and it turns out, it was relatively easy to add a way to support security deposits with Booking.com. Now it is possible to obtain real security deposit holds from Booking.com guests, so long as you have a credit card payment processor account configured in OwnerRez. Check out our security deposit holds support doc to learn how to set this up.

On Tuesday June 8th, OwnerRez will be hosting a webinar with Airbnb to discuss how to stop, dispute, force-cancel, and recover damages from partiers. Register now!

Beachside vacation rentals in Ocean City, MD are in high demand. There are more than 4,500 rentals in the area and during Memorial day weekend, most are already booked. The rentals still available range from $400 to $600 per night for a two-bedroom. These rentals are up 20% compared to this time last year, according to the Vrbo. 

The island of Maui has seen a rebound in vacation rental performance. As of April, Maui County had the largest vacation rental supply of all four counties with 241,900 available units. These units had a 70.3% occupancy during the month of April, up 66.4% from the same time last year. Vacation Rentals beat out hotels in that same county by 8.2%.

As summer approaches, many are looking for ways to stay cool. If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you can turn that into a money making machine. Lets say you rent your place out and you have a couple days with no bookings, what do you do? Obviously make sure you have your gap night settings set properly in OwnerRez, but what if you don't get bookings, can you still potentially make money? Swimply allows you to rent out just your pool by the hour. Even if you can't collect a full nights rent, you may be able to make a quick 50 bucks.