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About the inquiry email address format

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Yesterday, I discussed how the new inquiry management works.  Today, I wanted to address a question posed to me by a user - what's with the format of the inquiry email addresses?

When we were designing the process, we wanted to make sure that the inquiry email addresses were straightforward but also mitigated a lot of different risks.

We chose "inquiryspot.com" as the domain name because it was the shortest, easiest-to-read domain name we could find that sounded similar to the inquiry process (and was available).

We were originally planning to use "inquiries.ownerreservations.com" as the domain name but decided it was much too long.  We shortened it to "inquiries.ownerrez.com" but that was also too long and the subdomain was confusing.

It is possible for you to dress up these email addresses with other words or characters so long as the address still ends with [your-assigned-prefix]@inquiryspot.com.

For instance, if the email address for your property is abc1234@inquiryspot.com, using acme_cabin_abc1234@inquiryspot.com would also be valid.  Using acme.cabin.abc1234@inquiryspot.com would also be okay.  Basically, you can put any string of characters you want before the assigned email address and it will still work - you don't even have to tell us when you do this, just so long as the assigned address is at the end and isn't changed.

As I mentioned yesterday, make sure to test everything you do.  If you decide to dress up your email addresses, make sure to send some test messages so you can visually confirm that everything is going through properly.