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Update Number 2.5

Released on: July 3, 2013


This update added a ribbon view for bookings and scheduled email sending.


  • Added new booking overview page for ribbon view
  • Added ribbon view component with month scrolling, using existing month/year selector
  • Added pop-over box for cursor hovering on ribbon strips
  • Fixed inquiry bug where having 0 adults made quote creation do nothing
  • Added more detailed logging for web hooks
  • Updated booking overview calendar to show colors and borders when printing
  • Updated EmailTemplate schema to add schedule fields
  • Updated add/edit pages for email templates to work with new API
  • Updated add/edit pages for email templates to implement new schedule fields
  • Changed label text on 'Send Me A Copy' checkbox on add/edit pages for email templates
  • Updated email templates overview page to show scheduled sending section
  • Updated EmailTemplate schema to add enable/disable field
  • Updated email template business logic to implement enable/disable functionality
  • Updated email template overview page to replace Template column with Status column and show enable/disabled flag
  • Added ScheduledEmail schema to system
  • Updated booking logic to created scheduled emails based on scheduled templates in the account
  • Updated booking email page to show scheduled emails
  • Added add/edit page for scheduled emails to booking email area
  • Updated booking email page to use newer form design
  • Fixed security deposit bug where released amount was being shown instead of kept amount in security deposit emails
  • Fixed "Collectd" typo on booking payments page
  • Added option to scheduled email templates so that all current bookings can have scheduled email automatically added or overwritten when adding or editing templates
  • Added enable/disable buttons to email templates in bottom button bar
  • Added new Scheduled Email Sender service for fulfilling scheduled emails
  • Updated date manipulation in calendar and ribbon views to use moment.js
  • Updated ribbon view to show properties sorted by name
  • Updated Inquiry Watcher service to skip and archive incoming messages matched to locked or canceled user accounts
  • Fixed blank calendar view bug happening in IE8
  • Updated Email Sender service to work with new schema changes

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Email Sender service
  • Inquiry Watcher service
  • Scheduled Email Sender service
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5 Comments (add yours)

Jul 3, 13
7:30 pm
cp9293 says:

"To get started, click "Create Scheduled Template" on the Email Templates section." ... There is only one template, correct? For just one property? It wouldn't work for my two, since one is in PA and one is in SC.


Jul 3, 13
7:41 pm
cp9293 says:

Great job on the Ribbon! Love it.


Jul 3, 13
8:30 pm
Michelle J says:

Hi Claudia,

I'm guessing you found it! :-)

For anyone who is wondering the same thing, click on the Bookings menu and then click the Ribbon button on the top right. It's one of the three ways of viewing your bookings which is why they're called 'views'.

Hope this helps,


Jul 3, 13
8:41 pm
cp9293 says:

Yes, I did. Love it.

What are you going to do with all that open space? Maybe add 5 more months, to see 6 months on one screen? Lol


Jul 3, 13
8:46 pm
ShenRent says:

I was thinking the same thing! Not a bad idea. Could make it an option for owners that have only a few properties. Someone that has 100 properties can only fit one month.

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