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Update Number 2.1

Released on: May 10, 2013


This update added more export options, custom listing sites and the ability to enable/disable properties as well as other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Renamed AdSite schema to ListingSite schema
  • Rewrote ListingSite schema to be more streamlined and expose neater fields in API
  • Added 'create new' option to listing site dropdown on inquiry verify page
  • Added new listing site name text box to inquiry verify page
  • Added 'create new' option to listing site dropdown on unrecognized inquiry email page
  • Added new listing site name text box to unrecognized inquiry email page
  • Added option grouping to listing site dropdown on inquiry verify and grid pages
  • Added listing sites settings page to my account dropdown with add, change and delete options for managing custom listing sites
  • Added extra export fields to booking, quote, inquiry and property grids
  • Fixed grid cells to output HTML encoded values
  • Fixed list values to output HTML encoded values
  • Implemented CSV export on all grid export buttons
  • Added TSV export to all grid export buttons and implemented
  • Removed auto-hide bookings on calendar view, changed to max of 10
  • Fixed property name caching on booking, quote and inquiry grids
  • Fixed listing name caching on inquiry grid
  • Changed option group styling on grids to stand out more
  • Updated Property schema to include status (enabled/disabled) fields
  • Added status (enabled/disabled) column to property grid
  • Added Disable/Enable function links and pages to the property area
  • Added filter bar to property grid with filter option for status
  • Updated filter bar options on property grid to center alignment
  • Updated all property dropdown menus and lists to order by name
  • Updated the Inquiry Watcher service to work with new listing sites schema and workflow
  • Updated the navigation pager on the booking calendar to allow editing and work with different month/year formats
  • Added display options to user profile page for sticky, calendar or list view
  • Removed extra white space from inquiry overview page when resizing to mobile view
  • Added duplicate checking to listing site names so that names are unique per user
  • Added duplicate checking to property names so that names are unique per user
  • Updated top menu bar to scroll instead of being fixed

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Inquiry Watcher Service
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8 Comments (add yours)

May 14, 13
1:10 am
Marinas Edge says:

All this in a week, Sam? Awesome...

Another potentially simple addition to the export....common fields for customer info (email, phone, address). This allows me to import into MailChimp for easy communication with my clients.


May 14, 13
7:53 am
Sam Westcott says:

Yep, and that requires we do another thing on the roadmap - add phone/address fields to booking directly instead of just on payments. That's been on the wishlist for awhile, particularly for users that get a lot of check payments. Guests need to fill that in on the Point of Contact page during quote acceptance. Pretty straightforward to add.

May 14, 13
10:51 am
Marinas Edge says:

What about just exporting email address until the other stuff is in place?

May 14, 13
10:59 am
Sam Westcott says:

I've just added that to the export code, as well as split apart FirstName and LastName columns. It'll go out in the next release which should be Friday.

May 14, 13
1:27 pm
Marinas Edge says:


May 19, 13
3:33 pm
Glenn Moore says:

Kudos to all the changes recently. The site looks even better than before (it already looked much better than the competition before anyhow). I have noticed a performance improvement too, so overall it certainly seems better.

I am still very anxiously awaiting new functionality on automatic emails (as was discussed previously). I get excited when I go to log on and there is a splash page describing a new update. The first thing I go to is the emails, but alas nothing has changed yet.... Do you have any ETA on when you might be updating the email system? To me this remains my biggest problem as I am constantly having to write various emails though the lifecycle of a rental manually and it gets to be a pain. Your system has so much potential to eliminate or at least reduce this work for me.....


May 19, 13
4:17 pm
Sam Westcott says:

@Glenn: Very perceptive on the performance improvements. We just migrated the entire system to a new cloud provider. We were partially using them before but not totally. Now we're 100% there. Just wrapped that up in the past few days.

Literally THE NEXT release will have updates to email templates. We're making sure all guest-facing emails have a template, so (for instance) the security deposit release email or pending booking cancellation will have templates. If it goes out from you to a guest, you'll be able to template it.

The custom email sending is being worked on - there are some moving parts to get right. We are trying to do a release per week (or two at most) over the next few months.

Email templates, custom email scheduling and auto-responders (for inquiries/quotes) are our biggest areas of focus.

May 20, 13
11:13 pm
Marinas Edge says:

Great work, Sam and team. I am hoping you'll have the email stuff ready for my first guests in late June!

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