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Update Number 1.2

Released on: August 6, 2012


This update added more features to the email area and fixed several small bugs.


  • Added new fields to Email schema to store support, ToUser and delivery values
  • Removed Inbound field from Email schema to avoid ambiguities with FromUser and ToUser values
  • Updated email logic to split email messages by user and support type
  • Updated email logic to change 'sent' values to 'delivery' values
  • Updated email logic to store latest activity as feedback
  • Updated email overview page to remove email addresses from grid to make room for other fields
  • Added delivery and feedback fields to email over page
  • Updated filter bar on email overview page to allow selection of direction, delivery and feedback
  • Updated Email Sender service to use new delivery values
  • Updated website to use new email sending/archiving framework
  • Removed old subscription pages from website
  • Fixed caching bug that was making the calendar show old bookings
  • Updated email address validation, throughout application, to adhere to RFC specifications more accurately
  • Updated master email settings to change default FromName on support alerts from "OwnerReservations.com" to "OwnerRez"
  • Updated website styles to fix bad table borders on blog comments, introduced by release 1.0
  • Updated email count for users to check both from and to messages before showing the "no email" blurb
  • Updated validation patterns to be case insensitive

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Website
  • Email Sender Service
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