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Update Number 1.0

Released on: June 28, 2012


This update added billing, made minor fixes and enhancements and constituted the official live release of OwnerRez.


  • Added UserInvoice schema to system
  • Added UserPayment schema to system
  • Added UserPlan schema to system
  • Added UserPlanTier schema to system
  • Updated guest text on quotes, quote emails and the payment forms to show number of pets when only adults and pets are included
  • Updated scheduled payment pages to show error message when no credit card payment methods are configured
  • Updated collect payment page to fix white-space problem between percentage amounts
  • Renamed 'BannedPasswords' list to 'BannedSignupPasswords'
  • Added BannedSignupDomainNames list
  • Updated change password page to check password and domain rules
  • Updated User schema to remove old billing fields and add new ones
  • Removed old payment and billing pages
  • Updated billing section of account overview page to show new trial, invoice and payment information
  • Added Billed, Paid and Owed fields to User schema and added update logic to UserInvoice and UserPayment business logic
  • Updated renter agreement merge field finalizer to show the correct arrival/departure dates for quotes
  • Updated Booking business logic to accept multiple included and multiple excluded booking IDs when selecting multiple bookings
  • Added invoicing routines to the Collector Service
  • Added payment routines to the Collector Service
  • Added trial ending routines to the Collector Service
  • Added billing overview page to show balance, card on file, invoices and payments
  • Added billing plan page to show the user a personalized record of what they are billed with invoices and plan tiers
  • Added billing payment/credit card page to allow the user submit a payment and update card info
  • Added email templates for new invoices for user
  • Added email templates for payment required from user
  • Added email templates for trial ending for user
  • Added email templates for payment failed for user
  • Added Interstitial schema to system
  • Added interstitial construct to master pages on booking, quotes and inquiries
  • Added interstitial page for this release
  • Updated prerequisite construct to work from the master pages on bookings, quotes and inquiries
  • Added OwnerRez logo to login, signup and reset password pages
  • Added 'billing' item to Account menu
  • Updated text boxes on forum and blog pages to include non-breaking space characters when in edit mode
  • Added pricing page to website
  • Added Calendar Tester Service for multi-day probing of listing sites
  • Installed Calendar Tester Service and scheduled for every two hours between 8 AM and 11 PM
  • Updated Terms and Conditions on both the signup page and privacy area of the website
  • Updated newsletter signup forms to use third-party newsletter vendor
  • Updated third-party newsletter vendor's signup and change forms to redirect back to OwnerRez
  • Updated signup pages to send new registration information to third-party newsletter vendor
  • Updated interstitial page to not show for new signups if signup occurs on same day

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Website
  • Calendar Updater Service
  • Calendar Tester Service
  • Collector Service
  • Inquiry Watcher Service
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