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Updating Channel Bridge to Latest Version

Since Channel Bridge is a Chrome extension that is installed on your local device, it can sometimes be out of date.  Channel Bridge should automatically update from the Chrome webstore on a regular basis, but that can sometimes take 24-48 hours.  If you want to update it right away, follow these steps.

The current version is 5.4 as of November 16, 2018.

First, check the current version of your Channel Bridge.  To do that, open Channel Bridge and look at the bottom right of the screen.

In the above picture, the version number is the "x.x" number.  That should be the same as the current version number above.  The "u" and "r" numbers in parenthesis are not part of the version number, and you ignore them.

If your version number is not the same as the current version number above, you need to manually force Chrome to update Channel Bridge.

Right-click on the extension button in your browser and click on Manage extensions. Make sure to right-click (not left click).

A admin page will open showing metadata about Channel Bridge. Chrome hides the "Update" button in the "Developer Mode" toggle. So click the Developer Mode toggle at the top right if you don't see the update button.

Then at the top left, click the Update button.

This will force Chrome to update the extension immediately and you should see the version number change after a few seconds.