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Surcharges, Expenses, Commissions, Oh My!

PM commission calculation and payouts are all tied up together with expenses and non-commissionable amounts.


yadda yadda yadda terms and definitions...

I think we also need some bar graphs that show how the breakdown works for a booking and then for individual charges based on settings


[                     rent              ][  cleaning ][ tax ] 

[    owner amount     ][rent commission][cleaningowneramount][cleaningexpense][cleaningcommission][tax to pm or owner based on setting]

Being able to visually see how the pie is split would help a lot with that.


Specific scenarios:

Cleaning Fee paid to cleaners (expense) is always the same, but amount charged to guest varies

In this case, set the expense amount to a specific amount and the rest will float. Expenses/owner amount/commissions can be negative for a specific charge and will be adjusted on the rest of the booking.

For example, if the cleaners are always paid $165, but the guest is charged $145 sometimes, set up the surcharge settings like this:

Expense Amount: PM gets 165
Commission Rate: Use the same commission percentage that is set on the property
Commission Calculation: Calculate on owner amount (after expenses)

The commission calculation on owner amount is key for the floating scenario. If its calculated on the entire amount that will only use the charge amount and not factor in the expense.

For an example booking at 20% commission with this $165 cleaning expense, $1000 in rent and $145 in cleaning charged to the guest, the calc will be as follows:

Rent commission = 1000 * .2 = 200
Cleaning commission = (145 - 165) * .2 = -4
Total commission = 196