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Refundable Security Deposits

OwnerRez recommends using our Security Deposit Hold system whenever possible, to provide a guaranteed method of charging the guest's credit card for any damage.  This is the easiest, most reliable, and most automated way to protect yourself.

However, some guests and owners need an alternate method, where the security deposit funds are actually paid to the owner, and then refunded to the guest.

To do this, set up a new surcharge called Refundable Damage Deposit. This will be included in the normal booking charges and paid by whatever method the guest uses -- Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks etc.

After the guest leaves:

  1. Go to the Charges tab of the booking and adjust the charges to create a balance to refund by adding a negative charge or removing the Refundable Damage Deposit charge entirely.

    If you are keeping some of the deposit, then note that as a charge.
  2. Go to the Transactions tab of the booking and refund the amount due.