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This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

OwnerRez offers additional custom services that you can utilize to either assist in the setup of your account or help you market your property with others in your community. Below you will find what each of these services offer along with the pricing: 


  • Price
    • $500 for first 2 properties, $150/property for properties 3-9 and then $100/property for each additional property.
  • What you get
    • Full end to end review of account
    • Setup website, branding, basic email templates/triggers, renter agreements and API connections.
    • Primary focus is to make sure properties are set up completely and accurately in terms of content (descriptions, photos, amenities, etc.), rates and rules
    • Make sure properties are synced to channels correctly.
    • Import data through our Channel Bridge tool. This does not include other OTA or Direct bookings.
    • If a spreadsheet template is supplied with transfer data, it should be evaluated for integrity and either uploaded with minimal corrections needed or ProTransfer will need to be purchased.


  • Price
    • Add-on to ProConnect - $150 for first 2 properties, $50/property for properties 3-9 and then $25/property for each additional property.
      • ProConnect and ProTransfer together are $650 for the first 2 properties, $200/property for properties 3-9 and then $125/property for each additional property.
    • Standalone service - $300 for first 2 properties, $100/property for properties 3-9 and then $50/property for each additional property.
  • What you get
    • The service will only involve the transfer of up to 3 years worth of data. No other setup in the system will be performed.
    • As an add-on to ProConnect this will be in addition to any data that has already been imported through Channel Bridge.
    • As a standalone service, the data will be transferred from a PMS system and may include Property, Owners, Bookings, Charges, Payments, Refunds and Reviews. The amount of data available to transfer will be dependent upon the individual PMS. Current PMS systems that can be transferred include:
      • Bookerville - transfer bookings, charges and payments
      • Escapia - transfer properties, bookings, charges, payments and owners
      • Guesty for Hosts (formerly Your Porter) - transfer bookings, charges and payments
      • Hotelogix - transfer bookings, charges and payments
      • LiveRez - transfer properties, bookings, charges, payments, reviews and owners
      • MyVR - transfer bookings, charges, payments and owners
      • Streamline - transfer properties, bookings, charges, payments and owners
**Note - if your PMS is not listed above, please contact help@ownerreservations.com. Depending on the type of reports that your PMS provides we may be able to develop tools to transfer your data.

    • Once the transfer is complete, a request will be sent to confirm that the agreed upon data has been successfully transferred.

Property Sharing

Property Sharing is a service offering for local or regional groups of short-term rental owners or property managers who are using OwnerRez to manage their properties. OwnerRez will customize an Availability/Property Search Widget that will include the properties of all participants - the property listings correspond to the OwnerRez account information of each property, and sends guests to the individual website of each respective property.

  • Price
    • The organization Sponsor must have an active OwnerRez account, but there is no special surcharge for this service.
  • How it works
    • The organization requesting the widget must have a Sponsor who acts as the point of contact.
    • Within the Sponsor's account, the Sponsor will create a Ribbon Calendar Widget and/or Availability/Property Search Widget. OwnerRez will customize the Widget to support the group mode. The widget code must then be dropped into the Sponsor's own website.  OwnerRez Hosted Websites are not designed for this purpose; they can be used, but require manual configuration.
    • It is the Sponsor's responsibility to notify OwnerRez of which accounts/properties should be added/removed from the list, on whatever basis they choose (paid subscription, membership in an organization, etc.) The Widget will display the same information as the standard Availability/Property Search widget, but for all properties in the Property Sharing group. Clicking on a property displayed in the Widget will open a new tab and direct to the URL that is listed in the OwnerRez account.  
    • At least 10 different participants (thus, 10 separate OwnerRez accounts) must be included in order for OwnerRez to set up the program.
    • All participants must have their own paid OwnerRez accounts to be included, and must have a website capable of accepting online bookings.  This can be either an OwnerRez Hosted Website, or a custom website using OwnerRez widgets/plugins.
    • Properties can be listed on multiple indexed websites - they are not restricted to just one.
    • Sponsor's website will be included on our regional list index: https://www.ownerreservations.com/support/articles/regional-listing-sites
    • Sponsor's website must list on the home page that the "Availability/Property Search on this page is courtesy of OwnerRez" as well as a short description of what OwnerRez does, with a link back to the main OwnerRez website.


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