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Processors & Gateways - Bambora

OwnerRez offers many different payment processing options including the ability to accept credit cards.  However, we are not a credit card processor ourselves.  Instead, we integrate with dozens of industry-standard processors and gateways, so you're free to pick and choose which processor you want to use, and OwnerRez will connect with it and happily process your guest's credit cards under the covers.

Bambora, formerly known as "Beanstream", is a Canadian company that mostly services our Canadian client base, though they do have a great offering on the USA side.

Setup & Connecting Bambora

In order to use your Bambora account with OwnerRez, there are a set of API credentials that you will need to retrieve from Bambora and store in OwnerRez.

Once you've added the Bambora payment method in OwnerRez, you will notice that we ask you for a set of four fields at the top of the page:

  • Merchant ID
  • Username
  • Password

These items are provided to you by Bambora and can be found in the Bambora gateway terminal under Order Settings.

To find these items in Bambora, follow these steps.

1. Login to Bambora.

2. Go to Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings.

3. Scroll down to Security/Authentication and ensure the button for "Use username/password validation against transaction" is selected.

4. Create a username and password using the criteria required by Bambora (right now it is >= 8 characters and must include 2 numbers). Do not use the same username or password as you use for the Bambora gateway terminal, or OwnerRez!

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Update".

6. Login to OwnerRez, then go to Settings > Financial > Payment Methods.

7. Click connect a payment method.

8. Click connect Bambora.

9. Enter in your Merchant ID and the Username and password that you created in step 4.

10. Select the accepted card types, enter in your statement text and click save.

Test, Test, Test

After creating the payment method in OwnerRez, do a test transaction using a real credit card.  There is no better way of testing your API Credentials then running a real credit card.  To do that, create a manual booking, collect a payment using your personal credit and a small amount (say $5).  Once it goes through, use the Void & Delete option on the payment to void the credit card payment.  Then cancel or delete the booking.  That will tell you definitively that everything is good to go.