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No Instant Bookings

Most major listing sites encourage Instant Bookings - the common "Book Now!" button.  In many cases this makes sense for the same reason supermarkets put candy in the checkout aisle: it encourages impulse buying.

But sometimes you don't want or can't allow instant bookings - for instance, if your properties are in legal jurisdictions where a passport photo page is required for all incoming guests.  There are two ways to handle these "confirm" workflow situations:

#1 - Set your Book Now widgets to "inquiry only" mode so they don't actually allow a "book now." The guest will send an inquiry and will only be able to book when the owner responds with a quote.  This allows you to correspond with the guest and ensure they're qualified first.

#2 - Set the credit card processor to auth-only on booking ("card will not be charged at checkout"). This makes the booking pending until they go in and confirm, at which time we charge it.

We recommend #1 if at all possible as it works with all payment methods (not just CC's) and is generally a smoother workflow.  However, for some situations #2 is appropriate.

NOTE: Carefully consider your auto-cancellation settings.  If the booking has been "placed" but you have not confirmed that it is valid, you probably want it to auto-cancel after a few days.  You certainly don't want to be stuck with your calendar blocked by a "booking" that is actually invalid!