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Rates - Legacy Rates Upgrade

The new rates system removes a lot of crufty old concepts that are rarely used. Most of them you probably don't use -- see the list below.

The one thing you are more likely to be using is week/month/custom rate lengths. We've removed longer rate lengths in favor of Length Of Stay (LOS) discounts for several reasons:

  • Week rates can't be combined with spot rates as they would override the rate for those days that have spot rates. Using a LOS discount will work whether it's a seasonal rate or spot rate.
  • Most channels don't support week rates and only support nightly rates and LOS discounts.
  • Multiple rate types get complex in general and can be difficult to work with and see what's going on, while nightly rates + LOS discounts are simple and very clear -- you've got a specific rate for these nights and then a discount applied.

To upgrade legacy rates to new rates, use the legacy rates upgrade tool.

This tool will allow you to pick what days of the week count as the weekend, and then will convert your night, weekday night, and weekend night rates to the new rates system.

Once you're converted, you'll be able to use the new seasonal rates editor to review the rates and make any updates needed.

If you used to have week or month rates, create Length Of Stay (LOS) discounts as appropriate. We recommend choosing one discount percent for week discounts and another for month discounts (if applicable) and applying that across all timeframes rather than attempting to choose a bunch of different percents to hit specific amounts at different times throughout the year. One discount is a lot simpler to work with than many and guests are used to that as they book through channels.

Here's the exhaustive list of things no longer applicable in the new rates system:

  • Rate length
  • Rate types except night/weekend night
  • Rate priority
  • Rate taxable flag - if you used to have month rates not taxable, set the max applicable nights setting on the tax itself instead
  • All seasons/all properties rates
  • Min holiday nights on season
  • Season priority
  • Stay allowed settings on property/season

We've also made season name required unique so it's easy to see what's what -- and added a season Public Name field so you can control what the guest sees separately.

Let us know if you have any questions about upgrading!