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Finding API credentials for Lynnbrook gateway

In order to use your Lynnbrook gateway account with OwnerRez, there are a set of API credentials that you will need to retrieve from Lynnbrook Group and store in OwnerRez.

Once you've added the Lynnbrook payment method in OwnerRez, you will notice that we ask you for a set of four fields, called "API Credentials", at the top of the page:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Merchant Code
  • Account Code

These items are provided to you by Lynnbrook Group.  If you don't can't find them, please contact Lynnbrook directly to get a new copy.

The "Account Code" field may be referred to as "Merchant Account Code".

After filling in these four fields, you're ready to go.  Finish filling out the rest of the page, then click Save at the bottom.

Test, Test, Test

After creating the payment method in OwnerRez, use the Test Credentials button to see if everything validates.  This sends a request to Lynnbrook with your API credentials.  We check the response that Lynnbrook sends back to see if it looks right.

To really completely test your integration, please do a test transaction using a real credit card.  There is no better way of testing your API Credentials then running a real credit card.  To do that, create a manual booking, collect a payment using your personal credit and a small amount (say $5).  Once it goes through, use the Void & Delete option on the payment to void the credit card payment.  Then cancel or delete the booking.  That will tell you definitively that everything is good to go.