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Facebook Widgets

Want to add your OwnerRez widgets to your Facebook page? We've had several requests for this, but we don't have our own Facebook app yet. Now you can, courtesy of the Thunderpenny Static Html app.

*** Around March 2018, Facebook added a new restriction. You now can't add an app to your page unless you've got at least 2,000 followers. We're looking at ways to get round that restriction or get a certified app through FB, but currently you have to hit that amount of followers to be able to add tabs using the guide below. ***

This technique doesn't require an OwnerRez Facebook app, but instead lets you embed your vacation rental calendar and book now widgets from OwnerRez into Facebook directly. Here's what to do...

  1. Get the app. Go to https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus. To start the installation process, click the "Add Static HTML to a Page" button.
  2. Select a Facebook Page. You've likely got access to multiple pages, so make sure to pick the one for your vacation rental where you want to add the widgets.
  3. Set up the tab. Go to the new tab and click "Set up tab" to start setting it up.
  4. Paste the widget code. Go to the widget page in OwnerRez and copy the widget embed code. Paste it into the code section on the tab editor.

    If you have existing widgets, you can use them. If not, create a new one just for Facebook under Settings > Widgets in your OwnerRez account. If you want to learn more about OwnerRez widgets, check out our widget how-to article.
  5. Customize the tab. You can configure the tab name under Actions > Edit name and image.

    If you know HTML, you can add some descriptive text surrounding the widget. Something like:
  6. Publish the tab. First preview the tab. If it looks good, publish it and you'll be ready to go:

A couple of recommendations:

  • If you've got separate Facebook pages for each property, use the multiple month calendar widget and a book now widget for each one.
  • If you've got one Facebook page for multiple properties (like this example), create a new book now widget with Show Property Dropdown selected (so guests can pick the property), and use the ribbon calendar widget.
  • Create a new listing site in OwnerRez and set that listing site on the new book now widget so you can track that the inquiries/bookings are coming from Facebook.