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The Basics - Costs & Fees Prior to November 2020

This article lists the Costs & Fees prior to November 2020. If you're wondering about the latest Costs & Fees, you can find those in the regular Costs & Fees article.

All new accounts come with a trial period of 14 days during which all activity is free.  Your first invoice begins to calculate after the trial period is over.  Any activity you do during the trial period is free, even if it's a Premium Feature.  However, if you turn on Damage Protection, that coverage must be paid for even during the trial period.


Our pricing structure is property based.  Each month we create an invoice in your account showing the number of properties you have and the corresponding fee.

We also have Premium Features that are not covered by the per-property fee.  Premium features are also charged per property but based on a different pricing table.  Each Premium Feature has its own pricing table.

Use this handy pricing page calculator to figure out what your bill will be!  The property slider and Premium Feature buttons will help you quickly get a total.

If you really, really want to understand the math behind the pricing... keep reading.

Pricing Table

The more properties you have, the lower the fee is per property.  The minimum fee is $19.99 which covers up to 2 properties.  Here is the full pricing table that is used to calculate invoices:

  Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $19.99 total
Properties 3 - 19 $3.00 each property
Properties 20 - 49 $2.00 each property
Properties 50 - 100 $1.00 each property
More than 100 properties Contact us for special pricing

If you have a large number of properties, or a special situation, please contact us directly.  We have set up flat rates for users who only use certain aspects of the system or who are in international VR markets where exchange rates create problems.  We're always ready to listen, so contact us with any concerns.

Premium Features Pricing

Each Premium Feature has its own service charge based on the number of properties you have.  As Premium Features are added, a unique pricing table is added for it.  As with the regular per-property pricing, if you feel like you need to use a Premium Feature but have circumstances that make our pricing awkward for you, please contact us and so we can chat about it.

Premium Features can be turned on (or off) by visiting your account billing page and clicking "Change Premium Features".  After you make your changes, make sure to confirm on the follow-up page or the changes will not be saved.

Digital Signature Pricing

FREE!  Yes, really - there is no charge for our Digital Signatures feature, and it's already turned on for you by default!  The signature, PDF and storage processes are provided for all users at no cost.

Property Management Pricing

  Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $14.99 total
Properties 3 - 19 $1.00 each property
Properties 20 - 99 $0.75 each property
Properties 100+ $0.50 each property

QuickBooks Integration Pricing

  Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $9.99 total
Properties 3 - 19 $1.00 each property
Properties 20+ $0.20 each property

It does not matter how many QuickBooks accounts (company files) you integrate with.  You can link to multiple QuickBooks accounts so that your booking data syncs for multiple companies (or owners), but the above pricing is only figured once on your total number of properties.

Damage Protection

Damage Protection is something we resell through RentalGuardian.  Read about the program in our Damage Protection overview document.

There is no trial period for Damage Protection because there are fees we have to pay RentalGuardian to secure that real coverage is in place for your bookings after you turn it on.  So to be clear, as soon as you turn it on, you will begin to be charged.

Damage Protection is priced per coverage tier.  You can select the coverage tier per property but all properties and bookings in your account must be covered.  You cannot selectively choose to not cover some properties or bookings on a case-by-case basis.

The coverage tiers are as follows:

Coverage Per Booking Fee
$500 of covered damage $13.00
$1,500 of covered damage $27.00
$3,000 of covered damage $45.00
$5,000 of covered damage $69.00

Damage Protection fees are paid monthly, added to your normal monthly invoice, based on the bookings that have not yet had policies paid for at the time the invoice is created.

Hosted Websites Pricing

  Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $14.99 total
Properties 3 - 19 $1.00 each property
Properties 20+ $0.20 each property

Currently, it does not matter how many websites you set up.  The above pricing is only figured once on your total number of properties.

In the future, we may limit the number of websites you can set up or calculate pricing against the number of websites in addition to properties.  If the pricing for this changes, we will alert users ahead of time or allow them to remain grandfathered into the current pricing.

Channel Management Pricing

  Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $9.99 total
Properties 3+ $1.00 each property

SMS Messaging Pricing

  Fee Calculated
Reserved numbers 1+ $14.99 each number
Outgoing messages 201+ $0.03 each message

A unique phone number will be reserved based on your choice (currently limited to one per account). Each unique number includes up to 200 free outgoing messages. After 200 messages, each outgoing message costs $0.03.

Call Center Pricing

Our Call Center feature - still early in development - provides telephony integration to OwnerRez. You can call guests directly from the control panel and receive text messages from your housekeepers. The telephony backbone is resold through Twilio and we pass along the Twilio usage fees plus a fee of $14.99 per phone number.

Paying Your Invoice

When monthly invoices are generated, we automatically collect payment by using the credit card (Visa, MC, Discover or Amex) that you have on file with us.  We require all users to keep an updated valid credit card on file in order to use the system.  If your card expires or is replaced, please make sure to update your account billing info so that your account remains in good standing with us.