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API Integrations - Connecting OwnerRez to CanadaStays API

Our integration pushes listing content, rates, availability, and rules to CanadaStays, and automatically receives bookings with full charges and payment information.

To get the integration process started:

  1. Make sure the CanadaStays channel is active in OwnerRez and properties are marked Included on the Property Settings tab
  2. Run the Tools > Listing Quality Analyzer tool and fix any errors found. There are also info and warning items for improvement, but there should be no remaining errors to proceed with the integration.
  3. Fill out the following form and email integration.support@canadastays.atlassian.net.

👉 Note:

CanadaStays has been bought by HomeAway/VRBO, which in turn is owned by Expedia. As a corporate policy, they are no longer adding new CanadaStays accounts to that API system if the client also has a HomeAway account. The HA/VRBO API integration is more full-featured anyway, so talk to your HA Integration Specialist about combining accounts and using that instead.

 CanadaStays Account Integration Guide


  • The available email address will be a double-blind. We recommend that you set up an on-create trigger with an email asking for the real email address.
  • If the guest changes the booking, it will be canceled and recreated in OwnerRez.
  • If the booking is canceled, the booking will be canceled in OwnerRez.  However, any refund won't be recorded -- refunds are done separately by CanadaStays, so you'll need to record that manually against the cancelled OwnerRez booking if you want your financial reports in OwnerRez to be accurate.
  • Bookings created by CanadaStays can't have the property or dates changed in OwnerRez or be canceled in OwnerRez -- those changes must be done in CanadaStays.  The API won't update any changes to the charges, though - those changes must be made manually in OwnerRez after the changes have been made in CanadaStays.
  • Amounts are in CAD. If your account rates are not in CAD, use the adjuster in the channel settings to apply the appropriate multiplier when calculating rates.