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Concierge Setup - What You Need To Provide

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

When you sign up for the OwnerRez Concierge Service you will be assigned a Customer Success Support Specialist who will assist you through the process. The first list of questions below will allow them to get started setting up your account and to also import data from your listing sites (Airbnb, Vrbo). Even though some of the info requested below may already be in your listings, we ask that you tell us your preferences since there can be differences with how platforms are configured. This will allow us to set up your account as close to your requirements as possible.

Once we’ve done the initial work, we will need you to get more directly involved as we set up connections to the listing channels and make adjustments to your website settings. Since these steps require you to log into your accounts with a username and password, we are unable to do this for you. However, we can advise and assist on what needs to be done and can schedule a screen share session if needed.

After setup and configuration are largely complete, we’ll consult with you, and address any final issues or missing information at that time.

With that said, here is the first list of questions that will allow your Customer Success Support Specialist to get started on your setup. 

Contact Info

  • Business email address, name, phone number

  • Website URL - if you don’t have one, would you like to use one of our Hosted Websites? See an example here

  • Logo - if you have one, please provide in gif, png or jpg format.

  • Social Networks - if you have pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, please send us the URL’s.

Properties - how many do you have?

  • For each property, please send:

    • Name of property

    • Address of property

    • Phone # of property (the one at the property for guest’s use)

    • Name of listing sites (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.), listing numbers for those sites & public URLs for those listings

    • Name of any local/regional listing sites (Houfy, ALAVHR, SMBYO, etc.), listing number for that site & public URL for that listing

Calendar Import/Export Links

  • Send over the iCal link from each listing channel (we can add them to OwnerRez for you). Please also be sure to copy our OwnerRez iCal link to all of your listing channels. See how to get those here.

Cancellation Policy

  • What is your policy? Do you charge a cancellation fee even if you're returning their funds (like a credit card fee)?

Payment Terms

  • What are your terms (50% upfront? 100%?) and how far in advance of arrival is the balance due?

Security Deposit

  • Do you plan to place a hold on the credit card for a deposit? If so:

    • How much would you like it to be

    • When do you want the hold placed

    • When do you want it released

Standard Check-in and Check-out times

  • Time Zone for Each Property

Size Restrictions

  • What is the maximum number of guests and/or pets for each property?

    • Adults

    • Children

    • Pets (please list pet fee and rules)

Minimum Night Restrictions

  • Do you require a certain number of minimum nights to be booked per reservation? For some folks this changes by time of year, so please let me know if anything is date specific. (Also include any restrictions on which days of the week guests are allowed to arrive/depart.)

Maximum Night Restrictions

  • Is there a maximum number of nights you'll allow folks to stay?

Booking Window

  • Do you allow guests to book and check-in on the same day? If not, how far in advance must guests book?

Max Days In Future

  • How far into the future do you allow guests to make a reservation?

Changeover Restrictions

  • Do you require a certain number of days between bookings or is a same day turn around allowed? If not, how many days do you need between the departure of one guest and arrival of the next?

Minimum Age Of Primary Renter

  • Let us know the minimum age for each property and we'll set that for you

Smoking Permitted

  • Do you allow smoking inside your property? Outside only?

Do You Allow Parties/Events

  • Yes or No?

Long-Term Renters Welcome

  • Yes or No?

Guest Access To Property

  • Lockbox, keypad available 24 hours, do you meet them?


  • We will transfer your photos from your Airbnb or Vrbo listing, or implement other photos if you send them to us. Once they are in OwnerRez, please make sure you have added captions as appropriate.


  • What type of parking is available to guests? Number of spots?