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API Integrations - Vrbo Waiting for Integration to Become Active

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article.

Vrbo can take a long time to finish the API integration, depending on a number of factors.  Unlike some other channels, the Vrbo API often requires manual configuration by Vrbo staff.  Due to ongoing extreme growth, Vrbo is running behind and short-staffed, so these configurations can take awhile.

If you create a brand-new Vrbo account through OwnerRez, using an email address never before used by Vrbo, the API connection can usually be live within a week.

Otherwise, API connections to existing Vrbo accounts are handled by Vrbo with the following priority levels and delays:

  • Project priority P1: approx. 2.5-4 weeks from Project Created date
    • Software Switch (> 50 listings)
    • Net New (brand-new accounts that for technical reasons cannot be handled directly via OwnerRez) 
  • Project Priority P2: approximately 2-3 months from Project Created Date
    • Software Switch (25-49 listings)
    • PPM to IPM (> 15 listings)
  • P3/Unprioritized: approximately 3.5+ months from Project Created Date
    • Everything else

In the weeks or months until your API connection is fully finished, what is day-to-day operation of OwnerRez with Vrbo like?

  • Channel Bridge is a manual tool that can bring guest and booking data from Vrbo into OwnerRez.  Once the API is active, it'll bring in this data automatically, but until it is, Channel Bridge must be run regularly - no less than several times a week, potentially daily or twice-daily if you have a lot of properties and constant booking activity.  Data brought in via Channel Bridge allows automatic OwnerRez messaging to occur as it normally would.
  • If possible, iCals should be interchanged between OwnerRez and Vrbo.  This will at least automatically update calendars, blocking off booked time, without manual intervention.  However, if you are transitioning to OwnerRez from another channel manager, iCals may not be available.
  • If you do have iCals between Vrbo and OwnerRez set up and you get a lot of bookings at your properties, you may want to manually sync the iCal feed of that property when you know a Vrbo booking has come in, to prevent possible double bookings across other channels for that same property and dates. Go to Calendar Import settings, under the property's iCal that got a booking and click the "Sync Now" button.
  • Here's a list of important settings.