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User-friendly, intuitive, and the BEST customer support

When I started in this business, I managed 10 properties and did everything by hand with spreadsheets. I communicated with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] for weeks before making the leap to purchase the software and web hosting. I remember being so afraid to leave what I knew and start with something unfamiliar, even though creating month-end statements were taking up a whole day and organizing each day took way more time than it should. I definitely lost sleep over how to move forward. I also remember telling [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] that if this works, I'll yell my satisfaction from the rooftops! Here I am, on the rooftops.


The biggest positive is the quick and responsive customer support. I often don't have time to go through the forum to see if the answer already exists and will shoot an email over to the help desk. I usually get a reply within an hour or two. If there is an article that will help, they send that too. My second favorite is the ribbon calendar that I can color code as I need. It is easy to read in the fly which is how I operate on most days. The third favorite thing I use is the daily report so I can easily print the report on the way out the door and have all I need at a glance. Add to these the other helpful components that are really TNTM ("too numerous to mention") such as charts, comparisons, easy listing adjustments, and other tools I will probably never learn to use.... this software is really packed full of what each user needs for their own purposes.


There isn't anything I like least - although there are tasks of my job that are less appealing than others, such as assigning rates. I am learning how to grasp some of the larger concepts in this area but the software "makes sense" in how the different components of pricing is deployed - rates, seasons, discounts, etc.... Once one creates the greater goals, implementation becomes intuitive. As mentioned before, I have been very fortunate to have help from the developers on how to implement pricing despite the tediousness of the task.

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