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Top Rated Software for a newbie

Benefits: I can manage my own Vacation Rental property with the tools that OR has to offer. OR has made my transition easy from formerly using a Property Manager to now managing our units. If you're a newbie like me, the Conceirge Service they offer is the way to go! Thanks OR team for your quick response to my emails, helpful suggestions, recommendations, etc. Really love this product.


For a newbie, learning from scratch, this software is super easy to learn. There are videos associated with the features of the software. If you couple that with the Concierge service they offer, the learning curve is manageable. Concierge service is 10+stars! Worth every penny. The customer support is very quick in responding to questions via email and they help guide you thru the process to become successful with managing your own vacation rental. I HIGHLY recommend OwnerRez!!


I have no cons (yet). Only pluses how great this product is.

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