Experience the difference of "Elite".

More powerful than expected

In the competitive world of short-term rentals, there are a number of booking sites to be listed on and lots of information to synchronize. OwnerRez allows us to do that all in a single place.


The OwnerRex software is more powerful and flexible that it appeared at first glance. We quickly found we were able to customize huge portions of it, take advantage of automation to reduce labor, and found many of its functions were actually an EASIER way to perform tasks than on the connected booking sites. Being a progressive web app, we quickly found that it worked well across all of our mobile platforms as well.


Many booking platforms have their own proprietary messaging features and do not make them available through APIs. So we still have to login to each service when inquiries or bookings come in, but that is a problem with the booking sites, not OwnerRez.

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