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Owner Rez has made my life much easier

I am trying to manage 4 short term rental properties and being able to see them all on one page makes my life much easier. Often clients will want 1-2 of my properties - now I can look in one place and answer them. Also, now I'm able to take direct bookings on my own website easily.


The most amazing thing about this software is the excellent, helpful and friendly (and fast!) customer support. I have four properties on Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO, so getting all those calendars synched, templates written and triggers set up was daunting, but they were always there sometime instantly to help me. Having their app on my phone is a great new improvement too. I highly recommend this product.


The only thing missing is that I wish that my cleaners could log in and mark whether or not they can do a cleaning. However, the folks at Owner Rez said they are working on it! When that happens, it will be even better.

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