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This is of interest to those homeowner who reply to their own inquiries. Just come across a website called Owner Reservations. They have an online software that will (1) Automate your replies to inquiries as long as minimum data set / specific information is contained within the initial inquiry. If not, then email is sent to you to do reply (which is very easy and you can do on your mobile. System will also recognise if their are comments in the inquiry, if present you can set it to auto-reply or leave it for you to do. Content of reply is fully editable. (2) Sends a rental agreement for guest to sign online. (3) Automatically collect payments. If initial payment is made via credit card, system will collect balance and security deposit automatically. (3) Sends reminders for all scheduled payments ie balance and security deposit automatically at a time interval you set. . (4) Refunds security deposit automatically at a time interval you set. . (5) Add surcharges ie we charge a cleaning fee if the guests stay less than 7 days. This can be done on the system (6) Offer discounts for certain times of the year that you can set. (7) Sends out a receipt automatically. (8) Different email templates ie one for initial inquiry, one for balance due, one for security deposit due, even one for checklist. The timing of these are all amendable. (9) Export calenders. (10) Any replies from guests are sent to you personal / business inbox. I have tried it out and it is an absolutely fantastic system. It has the potential of saving me a lot of time. Future additions (1) Optional extra ie pool heat, BBQ, and crib hire will be optional extras guests can add to the quote immediately prior to paying. Cost is only <$5 for every booking they take on your behalf. Your own booking are free. The guys who own the website are very receptive and have sorted out any issues within 24 hours. Really fantastic service.

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