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Great Software With An Unbelievable, Dynamic Team That's Constantly Enhancing Their Solution

I have been a client for a while now and am very pleased with the software and the team that supports the software. They are always quick to respond, care that you have the best solution possible and are always open to suggestions.


It's a dynamic software that thinks of everything that's required to run a vacation rental business. Very often the solutions implemented with the knowledge of what the user needs even before the user realizes that it's needed. Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: There were multiple solutions in the market at the time but I chose OwnerRez because of the flexibility of their solution. Something that cannot be under-valued is the team responsiveness as well. The OwnerRez solution is very flexible yet amazingly easy to use. How they were able to achieve that proper balance is a testament to how they listen to their clients.


A guest two way communication module would be appreciated. So that all guest communications can remain within the OwnerRez CRM.

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