Experience the difference of "Elite".

Excellent Software for short term vacation renter

My overall experience has been fantastic. I feel in control of my business and ready to grow. OwnerRez has put me in the drivers seat.


The use of OwnerRez has streamlined my business in a way I could not have imagined. I no longer have concerns of double bookings, connecting with guests or collecting payments. I have saved so much time, work and simplified my business. Their customer service is outstanding. When I have a question, they are there to lead me. Recently, used their concierge service to add my newest property. I cannot express the level of personal care, value and education I received. I highly recommend using this service when starting OwnerRez or adding a property.


There is much to learn as this is an in depth software. OwnerRez offers a concierge service to get you started. This is well worth the minimal cost and you will feel like a "pro".

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