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Really happy with Ownerrez after trying many other softwares

I rent six properties in a remote location in Greece. Each one has some very specific needs in how I manage them. I do the online part and work together with the owner who is on the field and need many specific things from me. With ownerrez a lot of what I used to do in like 5 steps using different softwares now are done in one step. I have a complete picture of my scenario of reservations and finances without doing anything. Before I had to do many entries in different softwares. I am really happy with their customer service too. They are fully committed to us clients and to improving their product. Highly professional and dedicated to excellent quality.


I has a lot of flexibility for my unique needs as the manager of 6 vacation rentals in Greece. Basically everything I had needed so far I found a work around in OwnerRez. Or the staff helped me to find a solutions. Few things I still need to do outside of it. But my workflow managing my listings and reservations has really become simpler and much much faster.

Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: Hostaway had some bugs and limitations and over complications on the money collection and quote to guests etc. Lodgify was way too limited and inflexible to me.


It is not as beautiful as other options I've used. And it is not as user friendly either. But all other options I've used had some critical limitations that I couldn't work around. For my type of property management I needed some very specific things. Together with the staff at ownerrez, always by email, but efficiently, we almost always found a solution.

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