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Every Vacation Rental Business Should Use This Tool!

The OwnerReservation Solution completely changed how I handle my rental business. Before using the application I was strongly considering selling my properties, I grimaced every time the business line rang, and on more than a few occasions I inadvertently double booked. Now I can answer inquiries with a few simple clicks, even from my phone, but that is not all that is great about it! The calendar functionality has COMPLETELY eliminated the possibility of double-bookings. The email templates and email tracking has eliminated the requirement of talking with prospective renters - saving me an enormous amount of time. The app has a completely integrated SSL credit card processing capability so I no longer need to take credit card numbers manually - thereby eliminating the liability associated with processing credit card transactions. And finally the reporting and export functions help me prepare my tax returns and analyze my cash flow/bookings. I have worked in the Software Industry for 20+ years and have rarely found such a well made and supported application. If you own short term rental properties I strongly suggest you use OwnerReservations.com.

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