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OwnerReservations makes operating rental properties much easier

I'm on the board of a company which owns and operates vacation rental properties. This involves all the logistics and paperwork you'd expect - inquiry response, quoting, bookings, collecting payments, holding and processing security deposits, and so on. OwnerReservations provides a clean, comprehensive, modern way to take care of all this with a minimum of fuss. Integrated software is immeasurably more efficient than manual recordkeeping, but being SaaS, is also vastly more affordable than having custom software designed.


- Smooth web-based technology for automatic quote generation, online booking, and a good deal of routing customer notification emails.

- Useable on mobile browsers

- Integrated financial and reporting management - no need for manual merchant account interaction. Also ties in with QuickBooks.


- It doesn't do literally **everything** needed to operate the business yet - though it gets better all the time. Integrated contact management would be a huge help.

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