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OwnerRez Integration Leads to 50% Increase in Gross Revenue, Better Reviews and So Much Time Saved

We've had an amazing experience with OwnerRez, and have been thrilled with the ease of use on a daily basis. Customers are seamlessly searching our listings on multiple booking sites, making their reservations, paying for them, signing our Renters Agreement, and followup with us with positive reviews, all made so so simply by OwnerRez (we're especially fond of the automatic email trigger systems, which have automated the majority of guest interactions). I highly recommend OwnerRez.


OwnerRez has been instrumental in growing our vacation rental portfolio from 2 units to several more. The software makes cross-listing among different booking channels a breeze, and the single reservation calendar helps us keep a firm handle on all our reservations. If I had to pick just one favorite aspect of the software, it's that, once fully implemented, we are able to offer direct bookings and are no longer tied to the big players in the vacation rental industry. That means we can enforce our own policies on house rules, guest damages and more. OwnerRez gave us that freedom. My second favorite aspect was the integration with dynamic pricing software, which has led to an almost 50% increase in gross revenue from previous years.


OwnerRez wasn't the easiest to implement - we took about a month to fully integrate, and learn the ins and outs of the software. That said, they do offer a concierge integration service (which we didn't utilize) which might be especially helpful if you don't have the time to learn the software in detail yourself. But the time we did spend learning the software gave us the confidence in knowing how to use the entire system, and the support forum is incredibly robust. Somewhere in the help docs is the answer to our problem, almost every time. The remaining times we send a quick email over to Support, and they respond with the answer and steps to solve the problem, even on the weekends, which is incredible. The most difficult aspect of integration wasn't OwnerRez itself - it was our time in learning the complexities of the software, and just how much it can do for us, from credit card processing integration to dynamic pricing integration, to smart door locks, plus of course the main features of one place to house your customer interactions, listings and booking channel integrations.

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