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This has worked perfectly for me & I also love the ‘app’ on my phone,

I started with OwnerRez a couple of years ago because I wanted reliable calendar syncing as I expanded my business to include a 2nd and 3rd listing. This has worked perfectly for me & I also love the ‘app’ on my phone, each properly is color coded on the calendar and I love being able to clearly see, even when out & about, which dates are booked by which guest at which property. But even better are the features I did not even realize I was missing: *Templated communications (emails) send automatically with triggers, so instead of me remembering to send all my messages, they send at optimum times, automatically *I added API in early 2020 mainly because I wanted all the guest info come over automatically so the triggers could work properly, but then VRBO had their crazy year of double damage deposit deductions and not paying hosts for weeks after the guests had stayed. I was eminently grateful that I was collecting the VRBO CCs myself. ABB still collects their payments as per usual. *I used Costco/Elavon for CC processing with rep Trevious.Grier@Elavon.com, she was very helpful about figuring out of I should sign up the last week of month A or the first week of month B, in order to get the best Costco promo. My promo means I pay $5/every month for Converge and have a $5 monthly minimum to pay, if I were to not process any CCs, but the initial $149 set up fee was covered with a $200 credit after 90 days. Fees vary between 1.65-3.35%, all depending on the card. If you are on VRBO PPB, you are also billed 5% after the stay by VRBO. *The emails I send through OR allow me to see if the guest has opened them *The rental agreement is sent automatically via triggers and connects with an e-signature set up that is included in the OR fees I pay, no add on e-sign fees *I can send an automatic email to AirBnB guests requesting a real email address so I can remain in contact in the future *There is the ability to see and utilize the AirBnB messaging from the OR dashboard via OR’s CRM function, VRBO should be coming soon. *All property set up, photos, listings etc. is done on OR, so one set up goes to VRBO/ABB, and the same with edits, updates, etc. You can set pricing differentials between the sites, but otherwise the pricing updates also goes out automatically *Having OR has allowed me to get very complex with listing options. I have two homes, right next door to each other. I offer each house by itself plus two homes together, plus another listing including a neighbor’s home. I would never pursue this convoluted set up without OR to ensure all the calendar mutual blocking works. I am even adding a third home to my group, meaning 4 one house listings, 2 two house listings, a 3 house and a 4 house listing. *Emails to remind me and the cleaner that guests are arriving and departing, Chris helped me set up via Follow Up. Then to receive an email showing the guests, the listing source, the number of guests, phone #, etc. and to which property they are arriving/departing, it’s great. *Reports- there are all sorts of report options which I have not even fully explored. I still keep my little PC spreadsheet, because why not have a manual back up, and I have been small enough that I can see what is going on with rents and bookings, but as I grow, I will explore the report functions and, I am sure, learn more and be even happier *Widgets- I have a booking and calendar widget on my personal website, no need to update manually. All rates are set on the OR platform, with a plethora of options for differing seasons/taxes/holiday rates, etc. *Travel insurance option, I have this shown to all guests, so they are forced to at least consider it, it pops up when they sign the rental agreement *Door locks, my locking code is updated to Remote Lock automatically with each booking, sweet. *Customer Service, the guys are remarkably responsive. When you are doing anything on OR, assume you will hear back within 24 hours, but often it is quite quickly, even on a weekend. Almost all communication is via email. At the time that you set up your new OR account, I, personally, wish I had just used their concierge service, I think it is $75 per property. I was cheap and did it myself. I thought it was smart to try to learn it all, it would have been a wiser choice to let them set it up and learn the day to day functions first, then add the more complicated stuff. If you do it yourself, pick one area, for example the calendar syncing, and complete & understand that area before moving on to the next thing. That is my biggest helpful hint on set up and expanding your use of OR, master one area before moving on to the next, otherwise it takes much longer to master them all. Just keep a running list of your questions and then email them to the guys & assume you will hear back within 24 hours.

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