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OwnerReservations.com - Best vacation property management tool on the internet

We have used OwnerReservations.com for approximately 3 years and are extremely impressed with this product. This tool is a must have for vacation property owners. The software interfaces with other advertising companies (VRBO, TripAdvisor, HomeAway) and allows you to capture inquiries and return quotes to potential renters within minutes (fast response equals rental booking). Not to mention it handles calendar entries, rental agreements, payments from customers and auto-deposit to my account. OwnerReservations.com does not handle property advertising, but ALL of the background work. Let the advertising companies (VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) handle the advertising, and have OwnerRez handle everything else (this is where the real work is). I have an Android phone and have found that the Dolphin browser does not handle all functionality within the ownerrez software, but this is easily resolved by downloading and using FireFox. Support is amazing! Anytime I have had to contact them for questions, comments or issues, OwnerRez responds fast. Dawn Robertson www.eastforkfarm.net

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