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Denise A

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Feature Requests » Attachments for E-mails

This was asked in 2016--have there been any developments to add pdf's to replies to Vrbo inquiries?  I can upload the file directly on Vrbo and attach it to an answer, but It would be so much better …

(Posted Jun 14, 2023 12:52 PM)

General Help and Questions » Inquiries vs Inbox

I understand the CRM tab > "Inbox" is for API-integrated channels (for me it's Airbnb only).  The "Inquiries" tab is for compiling all messages from various locations. What is the benefit in having …

(Posted Jan 16, 2023 12:03 AM)

Feature Requests » Please change "Description" to drop down with choices

When adding a new fee as a write-in description, any change in the wording creates a new column in the Pivot Chart.  The imported "Airbnb host fee" is different from "Payment fee" which is different …

(Posted Sep 30, 2022 10:57 AM)

Feature Requests » Simplified charges/transactions on one page

Hi all,   I would love to have all the charges/payments on one page that could show (or not show) the detail rows like doing grouping in Excel.  Switching back and forth between pages gets tr…

(Posted Sep 28, 2022 8:59 PM)

General Help and Questions » uploading spot rates

https://uc.orez.io/w/files/5429aa0aa1204ff69b29460392f9fd57 Hi--what am I doing wrong?  I believe I'm uploading like the template shows (in *.xlsx format).  There are only 20 rows in this gr…

(Posted Sep 26, 2022 1:00 AM)

General Help and Questions » best way to record host fees and payout?

Hi all--I recorded the total paid as the payout from Airbnb and the host fee separately.  Do I need to actually record the entire amount the guest paid and then subtract out his fees?  I really don't…

(Posted Sep 23, 2022 9:22 PM)

General Help and Questions » Communication History?

Hi all--Is anyone familiar with the "Communication History" screen? The address bar says you'd get to it via the inbox, but the inbox tab doesn't have any sub-tabs and I can't get back to it. I'm …

(Posted Sep 6, 2022 2:54 PM)

General Help and Questions » Multiplier error?

My goal is to give people a realistic estimate of costs.  It's a property that can be split in half, up to 6 guests or both halves up to 12.  When they put 12 in, I don't want them to think it's the …

(Posted Aug 14, 2022 3:18 PM)

General Help and Questions » Multiplier error?

But I want to choose a percentage.  So why is it giving me the error if a percentage type doesn't use a multiplier?

(Posted Aug 14, 2022 12:09 AM)

General Help and Questions » Multiplier error?

I'm trying to add an add'l guest fee when there are more than 6 guests.  There is no "Multiplier" listed for me to correct.   https://uc.orez.io/w/files/070212b29e44426eb40f06800182b12b …

(Posted Aug 13, 2022 9:32 PM)

General Help and Questions » Airbnb "special offer" problems

Hi-- I created and sent a special offer through OR as $100 total and I don't understand why it shows differently under the guest portion.  It should read $100 + $xx Airbnb service fee + $18 (Mexi…

(Posted Aug 3, 2022 10:14 PM)