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Chris D

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General Help and Questions » Lead time not working on AirBnB

I have my properties set with a 2 day lead time because I can’t always accommodate same day booking. AirBnB is still allowing them and since I’m setup on ownerrez, I can’t change the setting direct i…

(Posted Nov 7, 2021 6:38 AM)

General Help and Questions » Auto Email to the Key Service

Our condo has a front desk key service that you have to email the name, contact info and dates of new bookings to so that they can generate door codes for the guest at check-in. Is there a way to set…

(Posted Jul 15, 2021 8:11 AM)

General Help and Questions » Does AirBnB collect the payments?

Just just got my first booking through airbnb and when I view that booking in ownerrez it shows the full amount owed and has a 'collect now' link. Do I need to do something to capture the payments or…

(Posted Jul 15, 2021 8:10 AM)

General Help and Questions » I can't find my listing on AirBNB

Yes logged into my account I can see the listing. I only have the one active right now. If you go to a new browser that isn’t logged in, and search the area, my listing doesn’t appear. Could be an is…

(Posted Jul 14, 2021 11:37 AM)

General Help and Questions » I can't find my listing on AirBNB

My listing doesn't seem to show up in searches. When I'm logged into airbnb, I can see it on the map and click on it. If I try from a different browser, it's not there. I've verified that the dates a…

(Posted Jul 14, 2021 7:41 AM)