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Lydia C

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General Help and Questions » Deleting templates

I am trying to delete a few email templates. They say they can't be deleted because they are associated with triggers. I tried to delete the triggers, but it says that they can't be deleted because…

(Posted Dec 17, 2019 1:04 PM)

Feature Requests » When putting cursor over ribbon calendar it shows which booking site it came from

I second this idea! -- I often want to quickly take a look and see where the booking originated.

(Posted Jun 17, 2018 6:09 AM)

General Help and Questions » Under Property list -- what is the last column.

When you click on 'Properties' and get the list of your properties, in the right column there is a number and dollar amount. What is that? Is it the potential you can make in a year at 100% occupan…

(Posted Feb 12, 2018 6:06 PM)

Feature Requests » Ability to have fill-in fields when sending rental documents

It would be nice if there were fields that are required to be filled out when e-signing a document. Such as... name and ages of all guests, breed (and name) of dog(s), etc.

(Posted Feb 8, 2018 7:45 PM)