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Using Themes with Emails...

Nov 21, 2020 8:29 PM
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When we first started using OR I went down the road as I had with other software to "brand" our emails and each template had our logo and footer information embedded actually in the template. Then I found Themes (Settings -> Theming). Themes allow you to put something at the top and the bottom of emails, forms, legal agreements and statements. We now "stamp" all of our emails with a centered logo at the top and at the bottom we place the disclaimer text that "This is a transactional email from Pacific View Lodging generated by our property management software called OwnerRez. If you believe you have received this email in error please report this to us: postmaster@pacificviewlodging.com" We started doing the disclaimer a number of years ago.. the CAN SPAM Act required commercial emails to be identified if they were Advertisements and since all of these emails are transactional we wanted to identify them as such and give the recipient a way to contact us. We hoped it would help in keeping us from getting blacklisted. Not sure if it worked but it is a holdover we aren't ready to give up yet.