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Anyone having a Realty (transaction) website integrated with some Vacation rentals?

Fabian Z
Apr 22, 2022 4:00 PM
Joined Nov, 2020 13 posts

Hello all! My name is Fabian and I'm a host from Miami!


Last year I was managing around 20 rentals and honestly wasn't having a good time, so I decided to restructure my business and trim the properties that were not bringing enough revenue while also advising my current owners to sell their one bedrooms to buy two bedrooms instead which yield higher returns in my market.

I have now a few units under contract and will land around 12 nice vacation rentals, 10 being 2 or more bedrooms.

I have also been selling a lot of real estate, and honestly I am trying to solidify that aspect of my business; so I am thinking of redesigning my currently OwnerRez-Hosted website which can't be very customized and instead make bookings a part of my site in a "bookings" tab.


Ideally I would like to build something similar to https://www.carswellandassociates.com/


Does anyone have any experience in these types of integrations?

Thank you!