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Zapier Integration

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Steven C
Registered: 7/17/20
Zapier Integration

I see some posts regarding adding Zapier Integration. Is this anywhere on the roadmap?

Tons of apps are using Zapier now adays and would allow people to further customize OR to fit their needs.

For instance I use Wave Accounting, it is free and in my opinion is just as good as QuickBooks. So while I would love a true API connection I wouldn't expect you to code one just for me. But with Zapier I could set up so many different triggers like adding customers directly to Wave and importing revenue, etc etc. I also use Podio for task management. Once again with Zapier I could have it set a reminder to change door codes since I'm not with one if your partners that connect automatically.

Anyways, I am in my trial period and loving all OR has to offer. Just think Zapier is a natural fit that would make it so much better


Andrew B
Registered: 9/23/20
Re: Zapier Integration

I agree with Steven C. The zapier integration would be amazing. It would then be able to link with Xero - for most of the most common triggers at least (bookings, cancellations, changes etc.) And also would be able to link with Mailchimp and a heap of others.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Zapier Integration

Hi Steven and Andrew,

Steven, sorry for the delay in responding to you earlier in the summer.

Yes, Zapier is on the roadmap though not high priority because of so many other things. We agree that Zapier and Hubspot would be great integrations and provide some very useful tooling in and around OwnerRez. Zapier has been discussed at many engineering meetings over the last couple years.

Thanks for the nudge!

Registered: 5/17/20
Re: Zapier Integration

This is a good idea...

Terrance T
Registered: 4/3/19
Re: Zapier Integration

This is a great idea...I have been looking for workarounds with zapier for a while now. +1

Jennifer W
Registered: 10/31/19
Re: Zapier Integration

Me Too! Zapier or hubspot integration

Registered: 5/28/20
Re: Zapier Integration

I guess we could narrow this down to Piesync.

Registered: 10/3/18
Re: Zapier Integration

Yesss!!!! I totally vote for this feature too.

Sandy M
Registered: 6/4/20
Re: Zapier Integration

I vote for this new feature request as well. Could automate moving my customer information to MailChimp!!

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