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Widget to Display Photos

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san pedro
Registered: 2/8/20
Widget to Display Photos

Widgets are excellent!

I need a widget that I can insert on our reservations page. I want my guests to see all the photos of each and every property. Currently a guest can go to my reservation page https://sanjosecityrentals.com/furnished1bedroomapartments/ and see a list of all the property's. This pages uses Owner Rez widgets. However when the click "Details"...they don't see all the pictures of each property.

Any timeline on when this feature might be available?

Shaquan P
Registered: 5/5/20
Re: Widget to Display Photos

Yes, This would be very helpful

Registered: 5/28/20
Re: Widget to Display Photos

What you could do is use the (i) on photo's, and the cloudfront link on a slider.

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