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Water toys? Paddleboards Water mats

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Jennifer W
Oct 3, 2022 8:51 AM
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Does anyone offer guests water toy rentals? eg. Paddle boards, water mats etc.


Originally I was thinking it would be best handled in OwnerRez but the more I think about it....

I use VRScheduler Operto ......
when there is a surcharge for Paddleboard ... VRScheduler Operto would create a task for delivery/pickup of the Paddleboard

BUT how do I handle inventory so we don't accidentally rent out more paddleboards then we have? 


Currently with linens I have a spreadsheet but I have enough inventory to cover any mistakes I make. I won't with water toys


Does OwnerRez have an inventory feature that could be developed rather than manually tracking in a separate spreadsheet?


In an ideal world....Here's how I would love to see it
Water sports equipment available for certain cottages, 
in the quote as guests are checking out they have the option to add paddleboard or watermat  IF all in inventory aren't already spoken for  (in my case we would rent water sports equipment Sun to Thurs